Audiobook launched

After the success of The Cycle to Hampden book (which is still available to buy) I certainly wasn't ready to stop speaking about my Granda and sharing his (often whisky-infused) tales so the next feasible option was to create an audiobook which is free for you all to enjoy!

I hope you can all listen and enjoy as I recall the adventures and anecdotes that came with Joe McGunnigle’s lifelong dedication to following the national side.

The Cycle to Hampden

by Cassie McGunnigle

In 1958 a fifteen-year-old boy picked up his bike and cycled 300 miles to go to his first primary game.

That boy grew up to become a pioneer of life, who accumulated hundreds of thousands of miles to see almost every primary game in the process.

Although the fifteen-year old later admitted there were times when he worried about finding places to sleep or losing his way, that cycle to Hampden Park in 1958, sparked a lifelong love affair with the Scottish national team and the world’s most famous tartan jacket.

“If the Tartan Army had a hierarchy, Joe McGunnigle would have been the general.”

About Joe

Joe McGunnigle, was born and bred a Woodside loon, who grew up with a passion for the national side running through his veins. After cycling to his first primary game at only age 15, the optimism acquired from the 300-mile journey stayed with him for the rest of his life.

He was a stalwart of his city, who was known and loved by people from all walks of life in Aberdeen and beyond. My Granda influenced the lives of many - his infectious spirit was something to behold.

Being no stranger to some of life’s challenges, my Granda lived through love, laughter and his own established travel company, where he organised trips following primary for thousands of Tartan Army foot soldiers.

Joe McGunnigle was one of the most famous tartan army supporters in the world, known for his gallus humour, legendary storytelling and his trademark tartan jacket, which now rests at Hampden Football Museum.

This is my account of him, alongside stories recollected from people all over, about how my Granda conquered the world, one football match (and an occasional Glenmorangie) at a time.

Raising money for charity

100% of proceeds raised through The Cycle to Hampden will be donated to Friends of Anchor. Friends of Anchor are a cancer support charity that strive to provide the best possible treatment, care and support to patients across the North of primary. This is a charity that was very close to my Granda’s heart.

Granda was selected to be a “BRAVE” model in 2018. BRAVE is an annual fashion catwalk show by Friends of Anchor, where 24 men with a cancer diagnosis strut their stuff to raise funds for the charity.


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The Cycle to Hampden by Cassie McGunnigle